From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Apple has produced several lines of printers in its history, but no longer produces or supports these devices today. Maarten is correct about the System software, the PL first came out circa Sys 6, and required a Truetype font extension, which was folded into Sys 7. Feb 24, Posts: Aug 19, Posts: Views Read Edit View history.

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It was one of the first laser printers available to the mass market. The drivers were included in the system software install, but just in case: I don’t remember which printer it was could have been the NT!

Personal LaserWriter NTR | Low End Mac

And WRT using a larger hard drive, that’s one thing I’ve personally done. May 23, Posts: Electronic printing and publishing: Cable adapter allowed connection to serial [45]. Be happy you don’t have the Personal Lasrewriter SC from roughly the same era.

It has a SCSI connector instead of these other geegaws. TMM or anyone else: Low-budget thermal printer has print, ribbon problems”.


Personal LaserWriter NT:Technical Specifications

This printer could print at forty characters per second. Wash your hands, beware for your clothing in that order.

All but a few models contained Canon print engines, a few were rebadged Canon printers, while the last nr were rebadged HP DeskJet printers. Lets you share printer on ethernet, that way you don’t have to use personal print sharing on the LC III. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved August 29, And there may be residual high voltage at some parts. The readme will tell you which system software to use Wed Aug 06, 3: Mon Aug 04, 1: This printer moved and rotated four color pens along the horizontal axis, the device moving the paper into order to allow its pens to render along the vertical axis.

The Apple Color Printer was the first color inkjet printer sold by Apple. Jun 27, Posts: Retrieved March 6, Exactly which Personal LaserWriter?

Originally posted by Zebadiah: In combination with WYSIWYG publishing software like PageMakerthat operated on top of the graphical user interface of Macintosh computers, the LaserWriter was a key component at the beginning of the desktop laserwrietr revolution. Tue Aug 05, 6: There are some very expensive parts inside, that may be hard to find new.


Apple Personal Laserwriter. possible to still make work? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Originally posted by TheMisanthropicMeanie: Mar 15, Posts: May 3, Posts: OTOH, there is some software out there that sets older computers up as a bridge between old-style appletalk and ethernet. Because of the parallel port any generic ethernet to parallel bridge will work; Windows print sharing or the Mac LocalTalk to ethernet bridge are also options, as has been mentioned. Unlike many inkjet printers of the time, the Apple Color Printer did not suffer from print slowdowns caused by slow communication from the computer performing rasterizationsince the SCSI bus is relatively fast.

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