But we still know where our buffers are, even after we submitted them to the WDM audio driver, right? The purpose of this one is explained easily: Whenever you check the Direct DMA box and the current settings are not very reasonable, buffer size and iodelay settings are adjusted to reasonable defaults. Fix output audio glitches in 64 bit version when upsampling by integral factor. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. No thanks Submit review. The remainder is taken up by the installer.

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ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver

Fixed a rather unspectacular synchronization issue that could have lead to audio pins intermittently being flagged “beyond logic” even though they were working just fine. Email me updates Report broken link Report spam Report new version.

This changes the whole aio4all of the audio engine, as what would previously mostly manifest itself as a sudden start of excessive crackling is now reduced to a short moment of silence.

This is mostly a bug fix release on top of 2.

Download ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio – MajorGeeks

Some minor improvements to the audio engine code. The Low Priority Audio check box introduced in rev. There is no technical manual saying azio4all configurations and with which hardware this program will work and since the developers will not make a list you will just have to try the driver to see if it works. Just try it out yourself!


In order to avoid duplicate work, please asioa4ll not send unsolicited translations! What makes you think that calling ASIOoutputReady asynchronously is going to help matters in any way one can think of? Since about every other inquiry I get appears to be about this subject and in 9. The GUI has been un-cluttered a little.

Fixed bug that would disable audio input in Podium. As a last resort, check the “Force 16 Bit Samples” option in the control panel. Also, the manual has been updated with some information on using ReWuschel. Fixed a bug that caused no inputs being available with some USB devices. Improved WDM enumerator display of device names. Fix a problem with multi-channel recording cards i.

The quality of this, more often than not, is very questionable. Default settings adapted in order to work around issues with specific AC97 drivers.

Fix regression issue where enabling hardware buffer could have caused asik crash. Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari.

ASIO4ALL Quick review – Free download – Universal ASIO driver for WDM audio.

This is supposed to fix some more “Beyond Logic” errors, especially when these were seen only sporadically. Mono inputs are converted to stereo, such as to not confuse hosts that assume channels to always come in pairs.


It gives me hope in a society where, according to some who unfortunately appear to be running the show, virtually every aspect of human interaction is dictated by the laws of marketplace economy, shareholder value and whatnot, essentially excludiung the possibility of someone willing to give away money or other valuables to a total stranger where there is no obligation at all! WDM Kernel-Streaming helps to keep the driver running smoothly as well. Free Download for Windows.

WaveRT devices not detected if Compatibility Mode enabled aso4all the host application. Remove the crash recovery feature, which was more likely to confuse the user rather than actually being helpful. Support a number of sample rates on the ASIO side that the audio device does not physically support. Improved stability in certain configurations.

All the little things that I fixed during the last year and which to document I “forgot”. If you wish to disable univesal, you may do so through your individual browser options. Changes since version 2. Made it work with ISA cards yeah, right! W is gone since soon he will be indeed.