A fast frame rate of 60 fps is available, allowing for slow motion playback. Dec 24, Effectively doubles the flash range of the camera. Choices include Still Record, Movie, and Playback. The flash takes about six seconds to recharge after a full-power shot, again about average for this class of camera. In Foliage mode, saturation is boosted to offer bold colors in foliage. Trending Price New.

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At high ISO, image noise increased somewhat, and the images softened as the camera tried to suppress the image noise.

Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times? Overall corner sharpness is better than average for a subcompact digital camera with a zoom lens. Setting a time zone displays a world map with scrollable time zones and major city names for each zone, making it easy to select a location.

Canon PowerShot SD & SD Digital Photography Review

OK, now back to our regularly scheduled review Digital Macro mode locks the lens ss450 wide angle, where focusing is closest, but enables digital zoom, which usually only kicks in after optical zoom has reached its telephoto setting. This is the tendency for the lens to bend straight lines outward like a barrel–usually at wide angle or inward like a pincushion–usually at telephoto.

Full frame mirrorless camera party. Please see Compatibility tab for compatible models.

Canon PowerShot SD450 Digital ELPH / Digital IXUS 55 Review

If the Self-Timer is activated, a full press of the Shutter button triggers the countdown. When the information display is active, it reports resolution and image quality settings, the sd4500 of available images, Record mode, orientation, and a handful of exposure settings although not aperture or shutter speed.


Handy if you forgot your wristwatch, I guess. New slide show functions allow review of images with stylish and contemporary transition effects applied in camera to create impressive slide shows with minimum user effort.

Still image resolutions are 2, x 1,; 2, x 1,; 1, x 1,; and x pixels; a Postcard mode also takes the resolution to 1, x 1, and locks the resolution to Fine; a date stamp can be printed on the image in this mode, and the top and bottom of the screen are greyed out when you half-press the Shutter button, showing the portions of canhon image that won’t fit on a 4×6 postcard.

AgfaPhoto brand makes zd450 comeback with budget cameras and digital albums. In this interview, Simon looks back at his time at the helm. Subject to change without notice. The SD managed the trade-off between noise and sharpness pretty well though.

Three menu tabs appear, one each for Record, Setup, and My Camera sub-menus. Single image, All images Movie: The compact size is perfect for quickly stashing in a shirt pocket or evening bag without worrying about damaging the rugged, all-metal body though if you want to maintain that gorgeous finish, you’ll want to put it in a protective case first, because it can get scratched.

Where oversaturation is most problematic is on Caucasian skin tones, as it’s very easy for these “memory colors” to be seen as too bright, too pink, too yellow, etc.

Sets the camera’s menu language to one of a whopping 22 choices. You can display as many as canjon thumbnail images at a time on-screen with the index display mode, or zoom in on captured images to check fine details, focus, or framing.


Because the ELPH line capitalizes on ease of use, exposure control is typically automatic, increasing the line’s appeal to point-and-shoot users. The camera will then replace one color with the other in your final image — for example allowing you to make a green car appear blue.

I love it- light, easy to carry around!!

This is simply because most people like their color a bit brighter than life, and Canon digital cameras tend toward this trend. The Canon SD’s performance is about average, with a pretty quick startup time of 1. Five steps are available for each item, or the sound for each item can be disabled individually.

It may be smaller than a credit card, but Canon has still managed to cram a fairly comprehensive range of features into the SD.

This mode is accessed by hitting the wide angle side of the zoom toggle after entering the nine-frame preview mode. Thus, hue-accurate, highly saturated colors appear as lines radiating from the center. Main camera modes are controlled by a Mode switch on the cnnon rear panel. To install your download click on the name of the downloaded file.