Page 17 Actual time may be shorter. Control the zoom and focus of your camcorder or the person you are chatting with. In this segment, we Turn the selector dial to select the year, and press the selector dial. This page requires Javascript. With Exif Print, vital camcorder settings and scene data are captured with each with digital photo you take. If you cannot use the USB cable to connect the camcorder to a computer, you will need a PC Card Adapter to upload the images to a memory card.

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Selecting The Number Of Copies – If the error persists and printing does not restart, follow below procedure: Supplied images include a picture frame.

This compact adapter powers your camera from an AC power supply and charges your batteries on the camera. This mark identifies genuine Canon video accessories.

The BP gives you enough power, no matter what the occasion. It is certainly the best 1-CCD camera around and it was only through very deliberate imaging tests that we were able to tease out any differences at all between this camera and the 3-CCD models in our possessions, some of which cost twice as much as the Xi.

When printing with print order settings, you can select the print style such as bordered or borderless, but not the trimming settings. For those times when you’re far from the action, but want to capture everything like you’re right there, the TL-H46 Tele Converter increases the focal length of your lens by 1. Unrivaled performance, expert design, and meticulous attention to even the smallest detail put the Optura Xi in a class by itself. Setting The Aperture Setting the Aperture Select the aperture to control the depth of field to give accent to your subject by blurring the background or the foreground.


Say goodbye to shake and hello to live streams. A first-class ticket to image excellence awaits you with Canon’s Optura Xi camcorder.

Use these images and opytra Card Mix Effects to add another dimension to your video memories with picture frames, backgrounds and animations. Stitch Assist displays the previous photo on the right half of the LCD screen and a live image on the left.

Camcorder Canon optura Instruction Manual Digital video camcorder pages.

Canon Optura Xi – camcorder – Mini DV

Built-in Optical Image Stabilizer. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

The displays appear on the connected TV screen and disappear when you press the button again. Video and Audio Inputs and Outputs. Press the fanon to stop playback.

Canon Optura Xi Mini DV Camcorder | eBay

Simply use the supplied USB cable and software and let the creativity begin. The Adapter can be used with a power supply between oputfa V Oputea.

The VL is a watt xj light for both indoor and outdoor use. If you cannot use the USB cable to connect the camcorder to a computer, you will need a PC Card Adapter to upload the images to a memory card. We made a side-by-side comparison with six cameras from three different manufacturers, four 3-CCD models and two 1-CCD models, under identical conditions.


The camcorder automatically switches between optical zooming and digital zooming. The Optura Xi offers the versatility to meet every exposure challenge and ease of use when you’d like to let the camera make all the choices.

Extend the viewfinder and move it upward. For that creative touch, a more appealing look, or greater imaging variety, you can switch on one of several digital effects: Automatic shooting features, including image stabilization, consistently produced a good image, although it tended to underexpose a bit under office fluorescents.

Protect your camcorder with the professional-quality SC Soft Carrying Case, featuring secure compartments for filters and extra battery packs. The input can be digital or analog. It can be used as directional microphone monaural or stereo microphone. Larger openings decrease the amount of the background that’s in focus ideal for making your subject stand outand smaller openings increase the focus area.

The same Canon experience and expertise that goes into precision lenses for 35 mm and broadcast TV cameras goes into every camcorder lens we manufacture.