With scanning rate up to scans per second, A helps users to streamline workflow and increase efficiency. Its rugged reliability is coupled with low power consumption and no moving parts for long lasting service and low cost of ownership. Having a depth of field range of 2. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy page. BlueStar Spain Madrid info idsys. BlueStar Portugal info identisis.

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All the right data capture, dispay and input-devices are integrated with wireless communication, signature- and image-capture technologies in the new GoBetween Learn more about extensive support and product info update.

Scanner Mobile Computer Software. Like the model CipherLab but for better capturing for Barcode width up to 90mm. The captures data effectively with both RFID and Barcode reading capability, and communicates wirelessly in three different ways to the corporate information system.

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Contact CipherLab Get purchase information and general inquiries. You have questions on our CipherLab Product line?

Manage more information from more places, using barcode, RFID, camera, keyboard and touch screen. Plug in the Cipher Lab BT transponder for easy, instant pairing and guaranteed performance.


Series General Corded Scanner | CipherLab

This site uses cookies to provide you with a better user experience. For fast scanning of multiple symbologies, the CipherLab Linear Imaging Scanners are ideal to boost productivity with low cost of ownership.

Models A CipherLab delivers an easy-to-use and reliable A linear imaging scanner built with optimal performance well suited at the POS point-of-sale applications in small business. Instantly add reliable wireless capability to cihperlab computer with a USB port. An incredibly comfortable design and innovative 3-way stand desktop, auto-sense, wall mount make it easy to use all day long.

Built with a rugged design, the and can withstand multiple 2 meter drops onto concrete and other challenging environments.

Cipher Lab 1100 Linear Imaging Scanner Auto Sense Stand A1100h000001

Built with high performance optical architecture, A provides optimal scanning accuracy with the scanning depth of filed at 12 cm. BlueStar France ifra bluestarinc. Imager, Laser ciphherlab LR-Laser. BlueStar Spain Barcelona ispa bluestarinc. Communicate in three different way to the corporate information system. Technical Inquiry Get more technical information and support. CipherLab terminals are hard-working partner for busy workers in virtually every retail environment, from grocery and convenience stores to specialty department stores.


Having a depth of field range of 2. Software development and management tools from CipherLab. Users can easily read barcodes that are clustered together or can read a wide barcode up to 15 cm which is commonly seen on a bill, identity card or driving license.

The is the most versatile, efficient, mobile computer available. Ideal for retail applications, the CipherLab Scanner quickly and accurately reads barcodes up to 64cm. Imager 2D Imager Laser.

CipherLab Handheld Barcode Scanner Parts and Accessories

Mdoel scanning rate up to scans per second, A helps users to streamline workflow and increase efficiency. The Series enables secure, accurate real-time information delivery critical to keeping managers informed and optimizing performance in the warehouse, distribution center, and the stockroom. BlueStar Portugal info identisis.

1010 continually operates through multiple shifts on a pair of replaceable AAA batteries and never makes you wait for recharging. The Cipher Lab Pocket-size Scanner packs a lot of versatility in such a mobile package. Our website uses cookies, which could include also third party cookies.