WebLogic Server installs a generic file that you must modify for your environment. Typically, implicit transaction mode is more efficient than explicit transaction mode because the driver does not have to send commands to start a transaction and a transaction is not started until it is needed. The default is 0. If using Kerberos authentication with a Security Manager on a Java 2 Platform, you must grant security permissions to the application and driver. EnableCancelTimeout True or false. Specifies either the IP address in IPv4 or IPv6 format, or the server name if your network supports named servers of the primary database server or named instance. The driver selects an authentication method based on a combination of criteria, such as whether the application provides a user ID, the driver is running on a Windows platform, and the driver can load the DLL required for NTLM authentication.

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It must have one of the following values. For example, the following command requests a TGT from the server with a lifetime of 10 hours, which is renewable for 5 days: If the size of the result set data exceeds the buffer size, the driver pages the result set data to disk.

To validate certificates sent by the database server, set the ValidateServerCertificate property to true.

If this property is not specified, the truststore password is specified by the javax. If set to implicit, the driver uses implicit transaction mode.

When the server is not configured for SSL, but your application still requires a minimum degree of security. You can supply a security token by specifying one with the SecurityToken connection property or by appending the security token to the Password property.


The MS SQL Server Driver

See Server-Side Updatable Cursors for more information about using server-side updatable cursors. If set to false, the driver sends string parameters to the database in the default character encoding of the database, which can improve performance because the server does not need to convert Sqlservfrdriver characters to the default encoding. If set to sqlserverdrivwr the defaultthe driver checks the data type being requested against the data type of the table column storing the data.

A server-side database cursor is not created if the requested result set type is a forward-only result set.

In addition, J2SE 1. Controls whether the driver attempts to determine, at execute time, how to send String parameters to the server based on the database data type. If the execution of a SQL command fails, the connection attempt also fails and the driver throws an exception indicating which SQL command or commands failed. In this case, the getTableName method may return an empty string for each column in the result set.

Specifying User Credentials for Kerberos Authentication By default, the SQL Wqlserverdriver driver takes advantage of the user name and password maintained by the operating system to authenticate users to the database.

If set to 0 the defaultthe driver does not time out a connection request.

See Authentication for an overview. Specifies one or multiple SQL commands to be executed by the driver after it has established the connection to the database sqlserer has performed all initialization for the connection.

Data Source and Driver Classes

If an exception is generated when rolling back a transaction, the exception is written to the sqljdbc. If SSL is enabled, the driver communicates with database protocol packets dxtek by the server’s default packet size.


See Permissions for Kerberos Authentication for an example. For the application-specific path, place the sqljdbc. The default is KB. Use this value if there is a combination of nvarchar and varchar output parameters and if the varchar output parameters can return values that are greater than characters. When Sqlserverdriber is enabled, the following properties also apply:.

This value is stored in the hostprocess column of the:. Any active transactions that have a life span greater than the timeout value are rolled back.

See Isolation Levels for details. Ckm SQL Server driver can return table name information in the ResultSet metadata for Select statements if your application requires that information. Determines whether the driver uses its internal conversion algorithm or the JVM conversion algorithm when converting double or float values to string values.

The list of transactions returned by the XAResource.

Connecting to a Database

The domain controller must administer both the database server and the client. In this case, sqlsefverdriver driver applies the standard JDBC character-to-binary conversion to the data, which returns the hexadecimal representation of the character data. Character Data Your application can use the following methods to insert or sqlserverdrover XML data as character data: Except for NTLM authentication, which provides authentication for Windows clients only, these authentication methods provide authentication when the driver is running on any supported platform.