Features Designed to improve game control, speed and accuracy; Ergonomically designed navigation and function keys; 34 keys allow for individual mapping; Tactile key feedback; Removable nonslip palm rest; Built-in volume control; USB device that operates alongside your keyboard. Review by Old Rooster July Supported by the biggest tech community forums. The standalone prices for the Gamepads aren’t terrible, but they’re not a huge bargain, either. I’ve also got pretty big paws, but you can see from the picture that you don’t need them to use the Gamepad 2. The hinge can be detached without too much fuss though, so it’s not a huge deal. It’s a tried and tested approach, and it should gives the pad a good lifespan.

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I’ve also got pretty big paws, but you can see from the picture that you don’t need them to use the Gamepad 2.

They’re all labelled according to the standard-keyboard key they behave as – the common core of WASD, plus space, shift and all the rest of the shooter-player’s favourites are all there, along with some other helpful functions like a volume control, which last should automatically work in Windows and automatically not work at all in a number of other popular operating systems. Acting as a mini keyboard, with particular emphasis on first-person shooter gaming, a week of solid and extensive playing has moved it from a position of “interesting idea” to a place of “essential requirement” in my Enipa play.

Mark Cocquio Review date: Oh, and Aus PC nsipa have a variety of combo packs that bundle the Gamepad with similarly enticing keyboards and mice. Here it is, in all its glory. Lefties miss out on three keys that’re under the thumb of a right-hander, but apart from that it’s just a case of reassigning all of the keys to suit your configuration comfortably, which left-handers are well snip to doing anyway trust me on this one.


New item that you can order before we receive stock. It was conceived with portability and space-management in mind fyber aims to improve in-game control. Initially specializing in lighting effects cybwr a broad spectrum of business and industrial uses, they have recently moved into the world of PC gaming.

The Cyber Snipa has had quite a varied and intense workout this past week. It remains on all of the time when the pad is plugged in, but it’s fairly unintrusive.

For mini-keyboards like this, the layout of the keys is all-important.

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Indeed, that’s where my unit has ended up! Where to Find It. In early the Cyber Snipa range was expanded to include two types of gaming headsets; the Sonar 2. The other hallmark of Flexiglow is creativity and excellence of design, something we see evidenced very strongly with the Cyber Snipa Game Pad.

The pad can accommodate a variety of hand sizes. They cast a nice blue glow around the edges of the pad when it’s flat on the desk. Actually, gamepad is something of a misnomer since, as the picture demonstrates, the unit really cybr more a mini keyboard.

Founded inthe company is based in Australia and Hong Kong. The last time he reviewed a fast “gaming” mouse they were at DPI precision, they here optical and yes.


Cyber Snipa

It should also make cleaning up spills of one’s favourite caffeinated beverage fairly trouble-free, provided you get the pad apart and washed before a low- pH beverage eats everything inside.

Retrieved from ” https: The first product from their new series we’ll test comes from their Cyber Snipa mouse range of products; the Cyber Snipa Stinger.

It allows the wrist rest to be at a different angle to the rest of the pad, like so: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Well, what I’ve found, after a week of FPS gaming, is that this very neat little device has moved to a special place on my desktop.

What’s in the Box The plastic container houses a very attractive black gamepad, 6 inches wide by 9 inches long by 1 inch thick. The perfectly-spaced keys fit most fingers with ease. However, he does love living life fast and knows a trick or two; thus that includes the overall gaming experience.

The USB connection and moderate size allow it to be placed to one side of your workspace when the main keyboard is in use. Let’s find out at the next page where we’ll look at some of the technical features, photo’s and my experiences with this product.

Keys depress firmly, with a solid, quality feel. Views Read Edit View history.