So the ITX DOS system isn’t without issues, some games like Dune 2 refuse to see extended memory and won’t even run unless I physically un-plug the disk drive, and even then without any speech. Having only one PCI is really limiting. In the last case the system will use Boot ROM of the on-board network controller and you will have an option to boot up from a network device. This site hosts no abandonware. The most wonderful mainboard, which will have to be inserted into standard cases available on the market using a system of braces, counterbalances, and a welder, will not be popular on this market. BioShock Infinite and Metro:

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VIA EPIA 800 Motherboard

Also any games written in turbo pascal like Tyrian and Jazz Jackrabbit just flat out make the system reset. Yes, it is available through Elco. What does EPIA stand for? And don’t forget about TV-Out.

With one exception however: The most wonderful mainboard, which will have to be inserted into standard cases available on the market using a system of braces, counterbalances, and a welder, will not be popular on this market. File format — BMP, image size — no bigger than K, color — 16bit colors, resolution: It runs Quake great, even when I run the game at x, it doesn’t seem to drop below 30, and at p or p it keeps a solid Having only one PCI is really limiting.


VIA EPIA M Dual Digital Displays – TFOT

We’ll wait for the production samples, where VIA promised to use a different heatsink, and then it’ll be safe to say whether there are problems with passive cooling or not. This project intended a platform, which would have retained x86 compatibility so that it could use the accumulated wealth of operating systems and software for this architecturebut would have possessed tiny dimensions, unusual for a PC, and low heat emission on the sufficient for certain use functionality level.

System seems unstable after updating BIOS. In the 8th revision stepping of the Nehemiah core, they managed to reduce its size from 52 to 47 mm 2 and supply voltage from 1. Wpia, they even modified the power connectors in the new standard.

Those -might- handle DOS a little better but you would have to research it. I know the 3D will be terrible We’ll wait and see the progress in this field, but anyway, EPIA-N will not be left without its infrastructure: You have to rely on the integrated gpu if you want a better soundcard, or vice versa. Performance Analysis It’s a short and qualitative study meaning, it does not aim to get exact figures.

But the ultimate happiness requires two conditions.

What else is necessary to work with this miniature platform? Also some demos like Machines refuse to recognize the Aureal Vortexand games that don’t like soundblaster compatibles don’t like it either, of course. In fact, the lack of infrastructure was the main deterrent of the popularity of the Eden platform with its mini-ITX form-factor right after the press release.


Of course, we cannot judge the quality of thermal contact by its appearance, but this insert cannot possibly have beneficial impact. What memory are you using epka yours? VT is the latest VIA south videi, so one cannot complain about its functionality.

Raise the Eden CPU performance? Basically the mechanical drawing included in the Operating Guides should have enough details. Let’s first determine what is embedded into the mainboard. Yes, logo can be loaded into BIOS as default.

Where can I get mechanical drawings for each board? The other trivia include a fan connector and CD-In. And what are the limitations?

VIA EPIA-M and EPIA-N Mini/Nano ITX boards announced – SlashGear

The chipset specifications state the capability to output two different images at different refresh frequencies and resolutions simultaneously to two different output devices. Note that we have benchmarked all memory modes from DDR to DDR and vudeo out no visual difference, so the low-cost DDR modules will be quite sufficient for the above-mentioned tasks.

I had it documented not throughly, though here: