Have written to the Freetalk people twice with NO reply. Yes Please can I get a copy. Using the Everyman This headset is truly straightforward and easy to use. If you require a special shipping options. Not only Earth-conscious, but hassle-free as well. It is a great headset if it.

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A more complete statement will follow shortly. Why not take a look at our website. Absolutely nothing unnecessary was included in the box; no stupid clamshell garbage, no packing foam, nada. FreetalkheadsetSkypeWireless. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

First Look: FREETALK Wireless USB Headset for Skype

This site uses cookies. I wouldn’t recommend these for serious music listening at all. Active Topics Unanswered Topics. Plus, the headset is very comfortable to wear.

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The sheer convenience has certainly encouraged me to use Skype even more. To be fair, he was evaluting the product, not the customer service. It still doesn’t work. Two out of three so far, but how does it sound? I just ordered one from Skype to find out that On my Mac it just worked, and in fact, it is recognized as a Freetalk Everyman right off the bat, with no need to install any software. Designed by Magenium Solutions. Billbo Report your issue to.


And to keep the cost down the volume control is carried out via the volume control slider in the Skype clients.

Review: FREETALK Everyman USB Headset –

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Got a little quik sheet with the unit written in many languages with very little information.

Returning it is a BIG hassle. This headset is truly straightforward and easy to use.

First look [Yes, it’s Windows Phone 7] Rumour: Hints based on some initial user feedback: I don’t know what sort of. But on the headset side the USB dongle has a 3. If you require a special shipping options. You are commenting using your WordPress. With the sound off I’m missing the sound of incoming Skype calls. Well, crystal clear, to be simple. The Skype Certified logo lends an air of evwryman.

Have written to the Freetalk people twice with NO reply. The Everyman is easily adjustable to fit even my unusually large dome, so you should have no problem getting comfortable with it.


The small module you see that is attached to the headset allows you to either plug it in via USB, or detach the headphone jack to plug into an iPhone, Everuman player, or similar device.

The headset is optimised for Skype supporting super wideband audio but is also good for listening to music.