Jason stormed the worldwide Senior Long Drive scene in , just like he had some 20 years earlier in the Open Division. How far can a woman hit a golf ball? Jason has performed over exhibitions in over 20 countries and across 4 continents. Jason is the first competitor in history to win both the Open and the Senior Championship in first appearances in respective divisions. He is married and has two children. Retrieved 6 June Retrieved February 9,

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Jason holds a very unique position on the TPI advisory staff. The page you are looking at will not be updated.

Jason has performed over exhibitions in over 20 countries and across 4 continents. Knudson George Knudson’s mother recalls her son’s drive and determination.

Jason Zuback | WAX Golf

The specific design characteristics of this ball include a dimple design that helps to maintain lower spin rates and a ball compression nason definition needed ] of CBC Archives has a new look: Also competing in zubak Open division, Jason held his own against the world class field advancing to the match play final, but coming up just short with a second place finish.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sean “The Beast” Fister is another, winning in, and His longest drive in competition is yards and non-competition drive is yards. Long Drivers of America Ltd.


Golfing greats Jason Zuback, the hit man The Story.

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Long drive is a competitive sport where success is derived by hitting a golf ball the farthest by driving. The USGA could be shutting the door on that”. Sport Affiliation – To be Added. Many competitions require golfers to use a specification ball for the tournament. How far can a woman hit a golf zubsck

Jason also finished first in the International Long Drive Competition in Not only did Jason win the title four consecutive years, he is the only Canadian to ever win this prestigious event and holds twice as many titles as any one individual. With his final shot of the semi-final round, and last chance to qualify for the finals, he aired one straight down the middle into a stiff head wind, yards – the longest drive of the championship.

Jason stormed the worldwide Senior Long Drive scene injust like he had some 20 years earlier in the Open Division. A small but dedicated talent base of golfers populate the world of Long-Drive, with the top talent competing professionally in various events and exhibitions.

Jason has worked with many players from amateur to tour professional on golf related fitness and distance improvement.

A flatter landing angle is desired to get the most out of the ball’s forward ziback and energy. The average ball compression in golf varies from the mids to the upper 80s.


Marlene Stewart Streit is named Sports Journal’s top female athlete of the s. Moe Norman, the clown prince of golf Norman talks about joking around on the golf course zkback entertaining the crowd.

Alberta Sports History Library. Most clubheads only approach the COR in the center of the club, so technology has allowed more area of the club to possess a COR of above 0.

Jason Zuback has earned international fame in the field of golf as the World Long Drive Champion, winning the title in, andand placing second zubaack Clubheads usually approach the cubic centimeter limit, rarely below cc. Retrieved February 10, Archived jasoh the original PDF on 5 May He has worked with many notable experts and leaders in sports performance and golf technology.

Long drive

Jason has set the benchmark of performance consistency at the World Long Drive Championship and amassed a number of accomplishments with respect to the sport of Long Drive:. InJason dominated every round of competition with drives of yards, yards, yards, and yards- 2 feet- 3. Make a Donation Sponsorship Opportunities.