While I looked at all of the basic types of situations likely to be faced by this camera, I did so primarily from the perspective of an average user. Video Cameras by Joshua Goldman Nov 13, Before using the GR-D33, I thought that the top-loading approach was more logical and user-friendly than the bottom-loading approach used by JVC. Like all of today’s consumer-grade camcorders, the GR-D33 is very small, but it is also possible to shoot smooth, stable video with it with only a little care. Once we pop a tape into the camera and hit “record” it needs to be able to record audio and video as realistically as possible. The video quality reflects that. There are some features missing, of course no remote, no USB output, no memory card for storing still photos , but in our case we felt quite comfortable without them.

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Even after having experimented a bit with cameras at a couple of stores, I found that the small size and light weight jvd the GR-D33 took a little getting used to after years of wrestling with shoulder-held camcorders. While in this position, the screen can also be folded flat against the side of d73zg camera. As you step up to higher end models, you see a wider range of features effects, editing options, external microphones and lights and improved video and audio quality.

The menu v73ag scroll wheel that doubles as button is simple and fairly effective, although not as intuitive as menu navigation buttons since the scroll wheel looks more like a focus or volume control knob both of which are also functions to which it is assigned in some cases. This will not work with all TV’s: There is also a button on the left rear of the camera that turns the light on, but doing so causes the recording video quality to hr significantly noticeably reduced frame rate and poorer small object detail.


MiniDV cameras are a lot smaller. Since the videos that will be shot with this camera will end up being saved on DVD-R using the E80, I took a moment to transfer my sample footage to the hard drive and burn it to a DVD-R just to see how the video and audio transferred.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. I also wanted to get a feel for how stable and comfortable the camera was while in use. The camera will charge attached batteries when plugged in to the included AC adapter, although charging only takes place when the camera is off.

JVC GR-D73 – camcorder – Mini DV Overview – CNET

D73xg scenes are generally easier for any camera, although they can pose a few challenges. While I looked at all of the basic types of situations likely to be faced by this camera, I did so primarily from the perspective of an average user.

Fine JPEG x The camera that Abe’s of Maine sent me had been opened before brown jbc tape around the bubble-wrapped camera and bubble-wrapped accessories, lens cap already attached to the camera, etc. I had never been able to download video to computer because the computer never recognized the camera.

Overall, low light outdoor performance turned out better than I had expected. For a limited-space application like a camcorder, the scroll wheel is a sensible solution, and it makes accidental menu changes unlikely, but it wasn’t exactly vr favorite feature on the camera. Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature.

These cameras are still a bit on the pricey side, however, and some reviews indicated that they were struggling with battery life and some other performance issues, so I turned my attention to MiniDV. Connect with a firewire cable and open Windows Movie Maker.

JVC GR-D73 Camcorder User Manual

This proved less straightforward than I’d originally hoped. Eventually, I found the time to get the camera to the local JVC certified shop, and in about a week they repaired it. Answered on Mar 10, Answered on May 30, The modes are selected using the multi-position power switch on the right rear of the camera options are Manual, Automatic, Off, and Playand some menu items appear in more than one mode.


Audio Input Audio input type.

Today, consumer grade cameras are exclusively palm-held, but fortunately digital image stabilizing and the ubiquitous 2. Relying on the camera’s IEEE FireWire output to transfer recordings to DVD would be the optimal route, as that would eliminate the need for a digital-to-analog conversion out of the camera and an analog-to-digital conversion when recorded to the E80’s hard drive, but the camera and recorder both do a good enough job of handling those conversions to prevent noticeable losses.

For most things, the remote is unnecessary as the camera is already in your hand, but there could be instances mainly when playing back your recordings where a remote control could be handy.

The speaker is still active when playing back with kvc LCD panel folded in, and while the panel does muffle the sound somewhat it is not jjvc to hinder use. Marvin Level 3 Expert Answers. Mohamad Abdan Level 2 Expert 71 Answers.

As with the TV, the s-video signal was only marginally if any better than the composite video. I did track down the software CD that came with the camera, but the included software wasn’t the friendliest.

With the exception of people using FireWire to download digital video to a computer and the handful of people with standalone MiniDV players, camcorder owners routinely use their cameras to watch the video they’ve recorded.