This corresponds to chapters in Rudin’s book. However, the work you turn in must be your own. APM , Thursday Please be on time. There will be 7 problem sets, typically due on Friday at 4: Homework problems will be assigned on the course homework page. Your cumulative average will be the best of the following two weighted averages:

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No late homework assignments will be accepted. First lecture Wednesday, 10b Functions with finitely many discontinuities are integrable. You are expected to write as you would in any professional correspondence. You can also post private messages to instructors on Piazza, which we prefer to email. However, the work you turn in must be your own.

Your course grade will be determined by your cumulative average at the end of the quarter.

Weekly homework assignments are posted here. APM Office hour: E-mail communication should be courteous and respectful in manner and tone. Uniform limit of continuous functions is continuous. Uniform convergence and integration.


Math A or permission of instructor. Example of a function which is continuous but nowhere differentiable.

MATH B – Calculus And Biology I at Penn State Berks | Coursicle PSU Berks

Students may not receive credit for both Math B and Math B. Homework 1due Friday, April 1.

Please do not send e-mails that are curt or demanding. It will be expected that you read the assigned material in advance of each lecture.

Math 140B – Real Analysis

Proof of Parseval’s theorem first for continuous functions, then in general. Regrading is not possible after the exam leaves the room. You are responsible for material in the assigned reading whether or not it is discussed in the lecture.

Power series can be differentiated term by term. Uniform convergence and differentiability.

There will be two evening midterm exams and a final exam; dates, times, and locations posted below. Monotonic functions are integrable. MonWedFri Week 1 only: You should expect questions on the exams that will test your understanding of concepts discussed in the lecture.

MATH 140B – Calculus And Biology I

Questions about grades should be brought to the instructors, in office hours. You may bring two double-sided sheets of notes that you prepare yourself.


Midterm I Friday, May We will be communicating with you and making announcements through an online question and answer platform called Piazza sign up link: There will be 7 problem sets, typically due on Friday at 4: We ask that when you have a question about the class that marh be relevant to other students, you post your question on Piazza instead of emailing us.

Midterm II Friday, May Construction of functions with prescribed values. According to the UC San Diego Course Catalogthe topics covered are differentiation, the Riemann-Stieltjes integral, sequences and series of functions, power series, Fourier series, and special functions.

Students will not receive credit for both Math and Math