Once installed, you have to do things in the right order. Another way is to send the Motif audio into Mac using the audio outs via an audio interface. Find all posts by musicman You can select Yamaha as the manufacturer. Still a couple of issues tho:

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Logic and Yamaha Motif XS8.

Making your own Template highly recommended. I also strongly recommend you get the Motif XS Editor.

MOTIF XS Settings Required for USB connection

This is total recall. You can select Yamaha as the manufacturer.

Xa8 may be wrong but I solved the problem installing the drivers version 1. There are two things to consider: That shows MIDI is coming through.

Ask a question Reset.

But it only send the impulse of the signal. Thanks in advance, anyone who can help To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

Motif XF USB-MIDI Setup Macintosh

It will read mofif. Also, does it matter which one of them I choose Yamaha motif Port 1, 2, 3 or 4? Yeah it has worked before just fine on my macbook pro and I modi those daws before with minimal to no problems, I even had the daw type set to “Logic” On motof yamaha and it worked fine with pro tools and bitwing and ableton and other similar daws, I just am unsure what my yamaha is doing possibly to make reaper not have any sound or midi play. Your audio interface maybe different or you may not yet have one at all… use the driver that is appropriate for your interface.


Tue May 25, Send a private message to albee This is what it is designed for….

Send a private message to DonaldM. However i’ve tried different settings directly on the xs8 and it didn’t work. It sounds to me like the problem is in the XS8 setup somewhere. It sends the info “press on” and “release” but the sound isn’t hold when i keep the key down so i have “on-cut nosound -info release so nosound “.

Yamaha Motif XS8 – USB Midi to Logic 8 E… – Apple Community

Can someone please explain how to set up a right set-up when you have a: You will see “Motif 6,7,8” as options. I am either looking at buying a new controller With a keybed perferably Or misi going the new daw software route. What I was actually thinking of was Anvil Studio Sorry, I don’t know why I said Audacity.

It draws a cable. I use it ALL the time.

miid Is there any midi controllers that work well with reaper that people have used as a controller, including the faders and knobs and so on? I have downloaded snoize and it shows that the wordclock is shared as well as the key pressed infos.


I tried to install the latest Yamaha-Steinberg usb driver 1.

Edit on the fly and all that. As you get to know your working habits you can refine you Template. Am I doing something wrong? Under miri ‘General’ Tab, make sure that ‘Internal’ is selected