This section shows the connection string that you’ll most likely use when setting up an Analysis Services connection in commonly used applications. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Analysis Services encrypts and stores the connection strings it uses to connect to each of its data sources. A network packet size in bytes between and 32, This is the default value. Sets the name of the application associated with the connection. Depending on your server stack there are multiple ways to achieve this, but, unfortunately, none seems to be really straight forward.

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Specifies how long in seconds the client library waits for a command to complete before generating an error. Sets the safety level for user-defined functions and actions. This is the default value on the server.

sql – SQL MSOLAP & SSRS Class not registered error with certain dimension – Stack Overflow

The server can impersonate the client identity msolapp authorization purposes but cannot access system objects as the client. The latter is easier, but makes it impossible to use personalized access rights in the database server.


When set on the connection string, this value applies to the cube or perspective level. You can use XMLA if you so wish: Signed encryption, supported only for XMLA. Analysis Services then uses the appropriate decrypted key to decrypt the data source connection string information when Analysis Services needs to connect to a data source.

How to obtain the latest versions of MSOLAP

Technically speaking, what you want to do is impersonate your users. Valid values are True and False. If set to False, the cube file is overwritten. SSPI supports multiple packages, but you can use this property to specify a particular package.

Adjusts msolwp string comparisons for a specified locale. Sets the format of the XML sent to the server. Unauthenticated or anonymous connections. Compression is a proprietary format that further reduces the msolpa of requests and responses.

Sets the name of the application associated with the connection. The default network packet size is Analysis Services uses a separate encryption key to encrypt connection string information for each Analysis Services database.

Client libraries (data providers) used for Analysis Services connections

Determines how long, in milliseconds, the commit phase of a currently running command waits before rolling back. The MDX Compatibility level is always set to 1. Cube name or perspective name.

This property specifies whether the local cube is overwritten. If this property is omitted, all roles are used, and the effective permissions are the mso,ap of all roles.


Connection string properties (Analysis Services) | Microsoft Docs

The user identity is provided to the server so that events or errors that include user identity can be recorded in the log files. Valid values are Default, Error, and Ignore. Indicates the level of impersonation that the server nsolap allowed to use when impersonating the client. NumPad – virtual numeric touch keypad Web Development. Analysis Services creates this key when you msoalp a database, and encrypts connection string information based on the Analysis Services startup account.

On an Analysis Services connection, putting credentials on the command line is used only when the smolap is configured for HTTP access, and you specified Basic authentication instead of integrated security on the IIS virtual directory. This implies, that you can actually join data from your relational SQL database right onto the MDX result set, which is, of course, a huge advantage!

This connection string is created and managed internally.

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