Enter previous value of the transfer roller life. Call for Service The scanner lamp is dim or inoperable. The LED print head, located inside the printer cover, closes down over the drum and projects light onto the drum surface. No 75 ms 1: You can confirm the initial setting of each Machine parameter by the Machine Parameters List. However continue the operation, as it is not a problem.

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Verify that all of the document feed rollers are clean and not damaged. 800-279-4979

Yes Smoothing in S-Fine resolution in receive mode 0: The following provides an explanation of the information found on check messages. Otherwise, skip to step 6. The modem, located on the main control PCB, demodulates the data. Check the memory capacity. Try re-entering your F-Code box I. Il y a un danger d’explosion s’il y a un remplacement incorrect de la batterie. Yes Factory use only Factory use only Display modem speed 0: Use these functions for maintenance and adjusting the machine parameters.


When set to 1, the re-transmission may not occur. Communication was not possible at bps. Not used Not mhratec Receive speed kbps Maximum receive speed may be slowed to compensate for poor phone lines.

If the software version of the client fax machine is not in the version list, your machine will send all parts of the latest software to the client fax machine. If it is not effective, replace Rollers or the Fusing Unit.

Muratec F Specifications |

If worn or damaged, replace the fuser. This switch will prevent a memory overflow error at the remote Muratec machine. Away from areas exposed to direct sunlight. To notify the user of an error, a check message can be printed if a communication error occurs.

Yes Total line monitor 0: Delete documents stored in box until the machine will let you proceed. Verify the pages of the document are not stuck together from glue, wet or damp correction fluid, tape, etc. When set to “1”, the unit pauses one second after sending CED, which allows echo suppression to restart.

If printer or print quality problems occur, check the following. The scanner continues to remain active for a few more seconds in case there is another document to follow.



Enter previous value of the toner replaced count. Backup time 8 MB: Detect paper is 2nd cassette 0: The machine will start the SRAM check. Erase the programmable one-touch key that contains the F-Code box or Batch box you want to erase, then try again.

Murata Muratec F Toner Cartridges & Supplies

No Action after EOR signal 0: Original document did not feed into or exit scanner mratec, document feeder error message. Function Key pressing Summary Page Machine parameters setting Used to set or clear machine parameters.

Turn off the power switch. Ability to perform remote reception hook-flash transfer from the fax handset. When the sensor operates, the value next to sensor name changes 0 to 1.