I have successfully moved to 4. It said I need version 2. When rebuild the driver, as described above, it works. This is quite a way off from your original post, but if you would advise and help, I could sure use it! This is on 4.

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St Glinglin 2 years ago.

Add non-mainline source for rtlcu wireless driver version v4. I use following linux-version and the adapter Linux: Then, on the modprobe command, I got device busy and tried this: I saw your commit that says your modified driver is deprecated. Spartan 2 years ago.

October 30th, 9. If that doesn’t work, try connecting to any network. Already have an account? Daniel Sarmiento 1 year ago.

Fab 2 years ago. I know everything about nothing”. Steve 2 years ago.

Even this driver crashes a lot. And future looks even better. Do you know of a way that is possible to do this. Work on Fedora 26!!! One last thing remains that is bugging me a lot, though. Just a question, the trlcu is better than the one that comes with RPi because of many things it can run in 8192du.ko mode.


Also, one cannot force the device into Monitor 81922cu.ko with this driver.

RPM resource kmod()

Anyway, to answer your query, the dongle should work just fine with the cu driver as a wireless client to any wireless network within range. October 30th, 7.

Kannst du die Konsolenausgabe hier kopieren?

I can only see beacon frame and data frames that are sent with broadcast address, why can’t I see all traffic? Could not resolve host: Use of nmtui results in stack trace, panic, and reboot. No, the two modules are definitely not the same.

RPM resource kmod(8192cu.ko)

This works on Ubuntu I want to load 8192cu.kk module downloaded from here and copied into: This is on 4. Or some simple tut. Posted September 16, On Fedora 25, all the steps apparently succeeded, 8192u.ko in the end the module was talking to the hardware with some success it could see networks and was blinkingbut could not actually connect to a network.


Bus Device Thanks for the suggestion. Generally speaking, any Linux driver on a vendor CD would be outdated, and, in most cases, would not be worth bothering with. Hi Adam and everyone else!