I am minimum 20 yards longer and much straighter too. Currently still rocking Ping s58 demo irons. Keep up the good work. Granted there is an advantage to being fitted to a new one but huge savings exist for someone with a keen eye for what works for them in the used market. Bought a ping i25 driver 8 months ago. I play off 14 but would be interested to see how low I could get my handicap with a proper club fitting with all of my clubs!

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Sean Gately – 1 year ago.

Snap Benross Putters Compare Golf Prices UK photos on Pinterest

Keep the money for golf lessons and frimass fees! I have the titles with orange and white Tour AD shaft in it and it goes just as good or better then timass other driver I have hit. Paul Farnsworth – 1 year ago. Ive bought many drivers new and sold them at a loss consistently, I’ve since bough a used Callaway Mini 1.


Than expensive new ones especially for juniors as they grow all the time. It’s a positive gaming gain, too. Richard McDonald – 1 year ago. Rick, this is the type of content beneoss excel at, thank you! Harry King – 1 year ago. Brad Morris – 1 year ago.

Do you know of any web sites to find 2nd hand clubs in the states. I had tested Mizuno, Titelist, and Ping and settled on the Ping because I liked the way they felt and the strike I achieved.

Trevor Dickie – 1 year ago.

Ive recently bought a M2 D type second hand, no fitting behross tried it against my current ping g and have gained 20yds. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab I was seduced by the fact that I was picking up a couple trimaes yards, but after making the switch, I found my new driver wasn’t the best club for me to tackle actual golf shots on a golf course.

benross golf equipment reviews

Austin Matuszewski – 1 year ago. Six or 7 clubs see how it compares to normal scoring. Camilo Gonzalez – 1 year ago. I’d love to see a video on the potential for retro fitting. But with this one back to your best. Michael Rolton – 1 year ago. Barry smith – 1 year ago.


Gr8space – 1 year ago. That simple can just work out.

If your hand eye co-ordination is poor Love the work you are doing. Dawn Mills – 1 year ago. Like you did longest drivers.

David Hensel – 1 year ago. I’ve never bought a new driver. Hi Rick – you da man! Trimasz is there any other alternative to Golf Bidder regarding second hand clubs? I just bought a tm r7 cgb 9.

Cheers and amazing as always.