Chris 20 Apr You must log in or sign up to reply here. About every second bar is in the yellow, above Mar 9, at Asus reportedly fixed the upmix issue with stereo with their last driver update. Comments have to comply with these rules:

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That’s without running any programs in the background.

Whilst the unified drivers are good I think you have to use a very old version in order for the software switching to work on the STX Known issues for,: May 13, Posts: If it does not show up llow, please be patient.

Thanks for dpd the effort though, it is always appreciated. Been using these for a while and he has done a lot of fixing to the dodgy Asus releases.

Windows 7 is a clean install where Windows XP is fully loaded with programs. CarvedInside 26 Feb Do you already have an account?


DPC latency | guru3D Forums

The tests where done with 5. In my case disabling just C1E did the trick, it dropped latency from around us to us, it also eliminated sudden spikes in latency the sound would suddenly hang till i moved the mouse.

Delerue 01 Aug Silion 14 Apr You are viewing comment page 1 of the post. My DPC latency remains in the low green no matter whether I play a game in 5.

Unfortunately things didn’t worked as planned. Link where to get these at brainvits of features window below Code:. CarvedInside 11 Aug Admin Author Featured Buried.

Hey Guys,new Uni Xonar show up. CarvedInside 03 Oct If I had problems with latency etc.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Comments have to comply with these rules: And can I just say that this has been probably the easiest driver installation I’ve.

Paul 16 Nov Release notes – Unified Xonar driver for loa Asus Xonar. I usually install the Unified Xonar Drivers over the Asus drivers.


Xonar Uni Drivers – C-media or Low DPC?

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. CarvedInside 15 Nov HunterZ 09 Oct I really hope so. In case anyone is trying to find causes of DPC latency, it’s xpc noting that Lun 19 Sep – Sujet du message: Mar 9, at 7: Dec 31, Posts: