All times are GMT As you can see from the pictures, the Antec KSB is more of a very dark gray rather than black. I have done the following: Get you some DDR and watch it run a lot smoother. Reply – Quote – Report Abuse. The TheaterTek and XP30 players were also at their default settings.

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The TheaterTek player shows the diagonal lines rock solid.

Avm Driver – starterzip63’s diary

Updated Radeon drivers to Catalyst 2. The photos aren’t the greatest and they’re a bit over exposed but this will give you some idea. Analog signals vary on how av155m the quality is. They’ve come to life now.

I am using the Clue Blue but there are other cable options. I use Toy Story 2 for most of my demos and as such, I know the first 10 minutes or so very well. The Santa Cruz plays back bit files only, which I have yet to find limiting.

Microsoft Update Catalog

If you have any other motherboard, chances are slim to none that it will work. It can record up to 48KHz 18bit audio. Biostar T-Force Opteron x10 1. A number of motherboards support this chip, such as Asus, but it depends completely on the model of your motherboard. As everyone knows regarding digital Vs. If you have the NForce chipset, I’d recommend this audio option first. That combination will make you hear even the slightest imperfections in your source.


Do they have overall better sound quality?


If I ever upgrade the Marantz preamp, I may switch back the the Delta card. I’ve also heard that Musical Fidelity X-can V2 although not sure does this one have crossfeeding and Corda HeadAmp1 were good, anyone tested them? Not the least expensive setup, but hard to match for sound quality. What cahintech if you have a receiver with digital inputs? As you can see from the pictures, the Antec KSB is more of a very dark gray rather than black.

I was thinking that perhaps I might buy a new sound card. Silitek SK purchased from digitalconnection. I did get some gigabit Ethernet fiber to test as it is cheaper if you find a good deal, but it does not work with AV equipment.

The Price seems to be pretty decent with it. You stand a good chance of changing that stable configuration into one that no longer works The optical cable alone is worth 20 bucks. But in kernels 2. Any help is appreciated.


The photos below chintech taken with the XP30 and the projector set to display a We need to get you on the Vxd drivers for you to route AC3 through the Delta.

Chaintech-excel Av515m Review (owners chime in)

Look at M-Audio Revolution 7. Updating av551m cables also makes quite an audible difference. Antec KSB purchased from directron. Click here to become a Hardware Analysis registered user.