I have Control4 as well and I have had it for a decade. C4 isnt for everyone, but if you went down that route, or purchased a house with that system it is not garbage. Now, if we could get these others to your level of satisfaction, all would be good. Are the costs using the system worth the features? It is not perfect, but as far as the bigger commercially available systems go, it is fairly robust and I think “sucks” is a bit harsh considering you knew what you were purchasing. I personally would choose RS over IP since you can have the same functionality but you aren’t at the mercy of your network.

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I was also having issues with mounting or locating cable boxes in some rooms so having just a balun is way neater installation. Even once there’s a driver Conttrol4 told that C4 will require a tech.

Originally Posted by bigbarney. How does these things all tie in to using 1 app to control everything so if you want to turn on the pool or turn on music or do something to lights you just pull up the Smart Things app and its all there on one screen?

IntesisBox drivers work with all IntesisBox WMP

I have 2 cable elxn, some streaming devices, blu ray player, etc and my NAS with movies all centrally located. A complicated, expensive and time consuming story.


There are no comments. Again this isnt a pissing contest, but I am just putting the facts out there. Could anyone that is familiar with both help me understand the key differences between the two confrol4.

Control4, Elan, Leviton, Ring Among CEDIA Exhibitors at 2018 Builders Show

I only referred to your original, “my system does this Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I’m not replying to bash Control4. GDDickey and NoWake like this.

I cut bait got a new dealer and it makes a world of difference. Our system caters to both models and blended. I consider banking on wireless for everything is similar to LA’s infrastructure.

BluOS is offered in a wide variety of hi-res audio solutions, with products ranging from NAD Electronics’ traditional hi-fi components and custom rack-mounted multi-zone amplifiers, to Bluesound’s line of all-in-one wireless speakers and streaming components.

What used to be the coontrol4 of the upper end of home automation has found it’s way down to the middle. And yes it also distributes my cable box signal and blu ray player and other streaming devices.

Both are professionally installed products.

C4 vs. Elan – General Control4 Discussion – c4forums | The Control4 Community

Submit a HomeAutomation link. Again, I’m not knocking any system. Crestron is developing product lines to remain relevant in these changes Both set up easily, either by a “DIY” homeowner or professional installer, and both are designed to work with leading home automation systems alongside other smart home devices connected to a Wi-Fi network.


I can do the same routine by pressing one button on the Schlage lock. Just get a new plumber. I recently spoke to an Elan dealer and wanted to get a better sense for their system there is limited information I could find online.

I wish I could undo all the wiring and installation of the Control4 system in my house to gain my control back. It is automation of the home, housework or household activity.

Platforms :: Control4 Drivers :: Audio/Video :: ELAN S12/SP with Matrix Support

I have Control4 and I’ve recommended C4 and non C4 smartthings type set ups to family and friends – different strokes for different folks. Many newer electronic household thermostats have “installer codes” and the customer conyrol4 get in to make programming adjustments without calling the service tech.

CEDIA is hosting the Technology Solutions pavilion with space for nearly 30 exhibitors, and many of the spots are already spoken for.

What updates do you hope the system has in the future? Add a Harmony Companion or above with the Harmony hub. We got a demo blackout shade and again it took just a couple of minutes to have Alexa telling it to go up, down or to a preset—without a tech.