Thanks for the info, I now have an ethernet running on my zeroPi. Change the MAC address to whatever you want. This board comes with dip switches and appears to allow for 2 alternative pin selection for the ethernet board. Any ideas about issue? Can you see eth1 with ‘ifconfig’? I know that many will use this very creative bit of kit to add networking to their pi.

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August 25, at I dont know about the ethernet address but I set a static IP address for my zeroPi running Jessie as follows. I’ve customized the ENC28J60’s driver to do a bunch of additional printk while I’ve been searching for the root of the problem.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_ENC28J ENC28J60 support

Maybe remake just a board with LAN However I may have misunderstood this entirely as this is my first foray into electronics. ENC28J60 based ethernet board. If so does ,inux know how to get the Pi to recognise each module?


Tobias, Please give a few more details. July 29, at 9: Exec format error” and in “dmesg” i get “enc28j Just maybe something here — http: December 11, at 1: February 2, at Last edited by Killertechno on Fri Nov 23, 8: February 4, at 7: Has anyone found any good low-profile NICs for the Zero?

Linux source code: drivers/net/ethernet/microchip/enc28jc (v) – Bootlin

Just did this to enc288j60 own pi zero, as part of a project supplementing my final year uni project, worked a treat — Thank you for the steps — Legend! Can you see eth1 with ‘ifconfig’?

Something plucked from the ether perhaps? The power consumption is probably very similar to https: In particular can I use the Dunino board at the same time? December 22, at 7: Which may or may not be a problem, depending on what your duino sketch actually does.

CONFIG_ENC28J60: ENC28J60 support

I would need network comms, preferably wired hence my interest in getting wired ethernet to work, but wireless may suffice I will experiment some more. December 22, at 2: So, you should be able to power it through the enc28k60 pin instead of the 3. Note, my wireless Zero is sitting about 1.


Test 1 — 2. December 2, at 2: June 7, at 1: I have visions of taking my very capable USB flatbed scanner and doing the same.

There was a forum thread about it, where people had done this, so I bought a little ethernet board for Arduino. The ethernet chip is specified at 20 MHz maximum, so best avoid going above that.

I get the following after bringing the interface up. Thankfully i skiped the last step.