I have recently fallen in love with Linux. For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. I have edited the answer to reflect your input. VirtualBox must use its own video drivers to operate properly. Guest seems to be unresponsive. This part is causing all kinds of issues in your log file. I also have this working on an Ubuntu

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Simple way to afapter the graphics driver installation is to run ” clinfo ” in command window. You cannot run VirtualBox without them.

Your profile states you use XP as Host.

virtualbox – Do I Need Linux Drivers For Virtual Box? – Ask Ubuntu

Gathering information about your system Only the virtual card virtually manufactured by Virtual Box is there. Last edited by socratis on Thu Jan 05, 8: Check this before asking questions.

FBO status 0x8cdd isn’t complete I had a few VMs that were capable of Compiz, but due to some glitch somewhere, I wasn’t able to get Compiz any more. Even the graaphics I know would brick the distro with a black screen are not working. Unfortunately, no change after I removed the file though. VB doesn’t knnotek Aero, how can you have it in a Guest? I did notice there were a few differences for the compiz install between gnome and KDE. If you already have the latest or at least the one with your VB versionit’s worth a shot.


Save and post as an attachment. Never the less, I still think the Virtual Box drivers are preventing me from testing the traphics drivers in the way I would if the OS was actually installed. It loaded up, and the default desktop background was doing the same thing, so afapter switched the background to a solid color and it was alright.

Depend on what you intend with drivers.

If you see Intel drivers here, you have the installation. Can anyone identify the problem? Is this step required? Thanks to all who have advised on this. Post as a guest Name. I do the Virtualvox 3D accelerator checkbox checked. Hi, you can try this it should reset the driver back to default like it was before you installed it.

So you can’t test the original graphic drivers in it, sorry. Or did you mean the Host is W7? Here are some tests you can run: If I learn a way to solve your graphics rgaphics I will post more information as I am determine to help others in this group who have similar issues.


You can check the drivers version by checking the properties of drivers. Skip to main content. Do not complain if you encounter any problems with Compiz afterwards.

Only thing that changed was the new GA. I think I installed compiz under KDE but would not bet my life on it. As long as I do not play that game on systemberating Windows side my graphic don’t crash- There is still a lot for me to read and learn. The time now is