Sounds like they might make good satellites to use with a sub and you’ll need a sub with them if you like bass otherwise you’re missing that last octave. It’s hard to quantify what’s wrong with the sound. You really need to do this by the math. Hopefully you’ll find a driver that works properly in the size and type of enclosure you’re trying to fix. Or, you might decide to add a suitable port to work with a given driver. Discussion in ‘ Speakers ‘ started by iamdgw , Aug 7,

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It SEEMED like a good idea | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

GazdatronikAug 8, ConradHAug 8, What would it take to make the M6Ns sound good? Download some free box design software, measure your existing box, then start entering driver parameters.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. ConradHAug 7, What’s the inside ausio of the enclosure? You really need to do this by the math.


Overview M6N Bass-Midrange_HiVi, Inc.

The hardest thing to do when replacing drivers on speaker models with no driver level controls is to find drivers with output ie efficiency levels close to the original drivers.

So I had some AR – TSWs sitting around one had a disintegrated surround and the other was just plain missing the woofer. Those woofers look like they could use a “break in period” to loosen them up with the bass tone control turned up all the way but volume levels kept reasonable.

I’d put it in a 0. Not really wanting to build a new box.

If the HiVi woofers were designed for a bass reflex cabinet and your cabinets are sealed, that would definitely have an impact on how they sound. IMO, that usually sounds a bit anemic to me and I try for as much as 0.

I’ll listen more after I get the kids to nap and try to describe it better. It is not an ideal woofer for sealed. What would be a more suitable driver the enclosure?

The Sealed F3 is 87 Hz. Or should I just snag the drivers and scrap this project? You could try taking up the extra volume with high density foam styrofoam and see if that helps.


Did you get the polarity right when you hooked the leads to the woofer? It’s hard to quantify what’s wrong with the sound.

The M6N doesn’t look like it will make bass in any sealed enclosure, and it’s probably optimal in a sealed box half that size, but still no bass. Actually, way too many variables.

It SEEMED like a good idea……

You need to port using 2 each 1″ diameter ports, have to confirm length. Audoi AudioAug 7, Share This Page Tweet. Not as good as my Klipsch KG 1. Do you already have an account? If the woofer output is too low compared to the tweeter output level, you would need to put a potentiometer on the tweeter so you could adjust it downward.