Features Features The features of the plotter are described below. Loading a sheet of media Method of detecting a sheet When a sheet of media is set, the following two displays will appear alternately on the LCD panel. Page 28 Adjusting the protrusion of the cutter blade Adjust the cutter blade according to the types of the cutters and the sheet for use. The white portion of the illustration shown below represents the maximum cutting area. OFF or 10 to 5,cm in 10cm increment Press the key for setting, and press the key.

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Additionally, the diameter difference between the grit rollers may cause a significant difference in the sheet feeding distance between the right side and the left side.

The processed line segments are stored mimak the sorting buffer. Perform Cutting A Dotted Line Perform cutting a dotted line When cutting the sheet according to data, the plotter cuts Cutter the design in broken lines without cutting it out. Don’t have an account? O N Press the key.

Pinch Rollers And Grit Rollers Pinch rollers and grit rollers Align the pinch roller to the width of the sheet to be set, and move it to an appropriate position of the grit roller. Lock nut Remove the cutter holder, and loosen the lock nut. Locate the pinch rollers so that they match the sheet to be used. Automatic registration mark detection can be configured to recognize up to 4 reference points, both in in X-direction-and-Y-direction.

Configuration and function Selecting the clamp pressure The clamp pressure can be changed in two levels using the clamp pressure lever.


Note slip When changing the sheet for cutting plottingdistance correction may be required depending mikaki the sheet thickness. After adjusting the protrusion of the cutter blade, set the cutting conditions and conduct test cutting to check the cutting quality. Other Useful Functions Other Useful Functions Feed the paper Before starting cutting plottingfeed the sheet manually by the length to be used.

In case that normal data cutting cannot be performed etc. Reference Dg-60sl names Contents page Setting the origin Set the point from which the plotter will start cutting plotting.

Coordinate system The plotter has four different coordinate systems established by combinations of the sheet setting direction and the rotation of the coordinate axes. Specifications Of The Main Unit The image quality is not guaranteed because the pen tip position differs depending on the pen in use.

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Raise the clamp lever. Functions in the Jog Mode Two-point axis alignment If a ruled sheet is set, align the horizontal and vertical axes with the Compensation point appropriate lines on the sheet. Loading a sheet of media Install the sheet support to the roll table as shown in illustration.

Cutting is made simple and elegant With the CG’s selectable clamp pressure, including high and low settings, prevents long sheets of media from slipping, and eliminates high and low pressure damage to the media by grit-rollers. Page 53 Set the distance compensation Setting procedure Press the key in the local mode. Configuration and function Tray Small tools, such as a retractable knife, may be placed on the tray.


MIMAKI CG-60SL Operation Manual

Accessorry parts number New cutter blades low-pressure blade set for PVC sheets: Switch The Cutting plotting Direction Switch the cutting plotting direction This function sets the location of origin and direction of the axes of coordinates according to the application software to be used. Suppose that there is data that you want to cut just like drawing a picture with a single stroke, according the order in which data is sent from application software.

Safety Labels Safety Labels A safety label is stuck on the plotter body. The area that has a diagonal line extending from the origin to a given UL upper left point is the available cutting Point UL area.

Collar Inset the cutter into the tool holder. Write your review here: Be the first to review mkmaki product! Test Cutting plotting Test cutting plotting Execute test cutting plotting to confirm the tool conditions. Change the cutting plotting order You can reorder or sort the cut data that has been sent from the host computer to change the order for cutting SORTING function.

The white portion of the illustration shown below represents the maximum cutting area. Adjusting the protrusion of the cutter blade Adjust the cutter blade according to the types of the cutters and ,imaki sheet for use. Specifically, setting of priority is applied to the following commands.