Ivanvega 11 years ago I summit the bug in his tracker. Logitech MX via bluetooth Hi there, Just a quick question for you. I have not spent too much time on this yet though since my first reason for getting this keyboard was for a good quality wireless keyboard and mouse without multiple dongles and most of all, the laser mx mouse. Having a problem logging in? I must say tho this is quite faux pass. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Logitech MX via bluetooth when you unplug and plug it back in the dongle goes into a USB emulation mode, the reason why you get a blank output fromt he hcitool dev, is because you are in the USB emulation mode, and not in bluetooth mode.

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So linix sum up – no, I don’t have my phone connected through bluetooth – I just use my datacable that came with the phone samsung D and when set in mx5000 phone, Ubuntu detects it mx55000 away as a Mass Storage device. Repeat a couple of times if it doesn’t work the first time. Everyone who had problems with pairing lknux try it with Jaunty. If so, that is great news. Nominated for Jaunty by Adam Hani Schakaki.


The logitech wireless keyboard is not. Now you are in vista if you are using the set over bluetooth you should see the bluetooth logo in your systray, when you double click it, you should get a window, displaying all the bluetooth devices connected. Logitech MX via bluetooth Good guide! All of the above instructions only work after login. Now open terminal and enter; Code:. With this set-up, do all the media keys, etc on the keyboard work ok?

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Linux and the mouse – MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Logitech works one of two ways. I have a Treo and would love to be able to work with it via bluetooth. May 10th, 6. A good thing is that blueman is now included in the Ubuntu universe repositories, it’s no longer needed to add a launchpad repository.

I have installed netpbm Meanwhile, sound cards from Creative Labs, and Keyboards from Logitech, are hardly obscure devices overlooked by accident. I activate it to be on the safe side. About the blueman package the needs-packaging task is bug Schlameel schlameel wrote on I don’t know if a new install would automatically configure the keyboard, or if my previous attempts to “fix” the problem in 8.


I was able to connect the dongle, Keyboard and Mouse and boot straight into Linux and they worked fine, no software installed. I used Ubuntu for two years and rather liked it.

Logitech MX5000 download, free Logitech MX5000 download.

I’ve got this on two machines, and have for several versions. May 4th, 4.

Your distribution of Linux Your mouse revision and model Your version of the Mozilla browser of your choice. The problem showed up with the 8.

May 12th, 7. I do intend to muck around with the keyboard layout however – see what gives me what. MX works fine now.

Post as a guest Name. May 25th, 8. Back to mini-laptop mouse for that experience.