The Cyber-shot W includes Sony’s latest face detection technology, which can now distinguish between the faces of children and adults. Vivid view large image. Next, how about those REC mode options? What I find unconscionable on this Cyber-shot W, however, is that the system seems to have become slower and more lag prone than ever. That’s a little further away than what your typical compact camera can do. Comes with 2GB card, battery, computer connection cable, and charger.

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But Smile Shutter can still be finicky at times: If you’re using the flash, expect to wait two or three seconds before you can take another photo. Red channel clipping a real problem Auto w10 balance is disappointing indoors Flash shots full of red eyes Menus still complex, confusing, and laggy to page through. Requires conversion lens adapter.

Setting up a slideshow. The camera found all six faces in our test scene.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150

There are two digital zoom modes available on the camera. There was almost no corner softening, but the fringing was bad enough to be visible even at small print sizes.

No Sensor shift image stabilization: I counted eleven steps in the camera’s 5X zoom range. The DSC-W has an average bundle. Combine the 2 second maximum shutter speed with a slow lens, and you just don’t bring in enough light to do this shot justice. Focus speeds are very snappy, even at the telephoto end of the lens and in low light.


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In addition, you will not be able dc get at the memory card while the camera is on a tripod. The features are fairly typical of a Sony compact. I’ll tell you about both of these menus later in the review. I should mention a couple of “gotchas” regarding the proprietary battery used by the DSC-W and every other camera on the above list.

Basic Specifications Full model name: While the photo is on the soft side, purple fringing is not a problem. ISO view large image. Precision digital zoom just digitally enlarges the shot, which reduces image quality — it should be avoided.

Still point-and-shoot, but with full menu access. The bigger question with the W is whether you can tolerate its gimmickry, which is admittedly a little forced at times and a little dsv. The first thing you’ll probably notice about the macro test shot is a brown color cast.

If you want to compose your photos without the effects of camera shake, then choose “Continuous”. Thankfully, it’s pretty mild until the ISO climbs above Vivid view large image. Also shop in Also shop in. I often found the lower flash intensity setting useful for keeping hotspots and blasting to a minimum when shooting indoors at close range, and the lower power setting can be used successfully to provide more subtle fill in conjunction with other ambient light sources as well.


The last two buttons on the back of the camera are for entering playback mode, and for starting a slideshow. Being that it’s completely devoid of manual controls, it’s not a great choice for those who take long exposures, or shoot under unusual lighting conditions. No Remote Control Type: Picture Motion Browser is a basic image acquisition and editing tool, while Music Transfer lets you custom slideshow music onto the W When you open the box, you’ll find Sony’s Picture Motion Browser 3.

In the best case scenarios wide-angle, lots of soonythe camera took between 0. Yes Auto Focus Type: Smile Shutter works hand-in-hand with the camera’s well-implemented face detection system.